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Application Template

Post  Dae on Sat Apr 26, 2008 9:21 pm

Please follow this application setup when you apply.

1. Tell us about yourself: Who are you? How old are you? And where are you from?

2. Name of character, race, class and talent build.

3. Give us a short brief of your gear and talent choices ( Provide link to your armory profile. )

4. What is your previous guild and why did you leave?

5. Do you have any raiding experience? Are you attuned to any heroic instances?

6. We raid Monday/Wednesday/Thursday from 19.30-22.30 and Sunday 19.30-23.00. Can you attend raids these days? If not, which days are you unavaiable? ( we expect you to have an attendance on 70 % or above )

7. What can you as a player and person bring to the guild?

8. We are stuck on a new boss, trying various new tactics without success. What do you do?

9. Other things you would like to mention?



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